Portrait of Judith van Drooge

Judith van Drooge is a certified teacher Martial arts (L.M.A.) and a student of master Luis Molera  (died in 2015)  en grandmaster William Chi Cheng Chen. She has also a 2-degree certification from the Chinese Health Chi Kung association in Beijing. The form of martial arts, which she practices and teaches, is Tai Chi Chuan. Within this branch of martial arts she is mainly occupied with the Yang style.

“In 1999 I followed classes for intuitive development and healing. Thi is all about balancing, the cleaning of your energy-body and the stream of energy through your body through the meridian system. Tai Chi gave me an ideal connection between the mental and physical awareness.’


‘I have had lessons from Julian Webber for 4 years. After two years he asked me whether I wanted to be a teacher. Then I threw myself in deep water because I had no experience whatsoever in teaching.

This had a positive influence on my own Tai Chi experience and deeper understanding but also on my willpower and self-respect. During teaching I am looking ever more close to the participants and myself. What is really happening and how does that work?’

‘In 2002 I came across the pushing hands form and I participated at the Cheng Man Ching Championship. The success of the matches guided me to Taiwan. The I had really beautiful and marvellous experiences during ‘The 7th Chung Hwa Cup International Tai Chi Chuan Championship’. Pushing hands has delivered for me a big contribution to a more focused practising of the Tai Chi forms and the understanding of the applications. ‘

‘Since 2003 I work from my own Tai Chi school. I have the intention to stimulate mu students to practice Tai Chi. Therefore I give all kinds of workshops and presentations all over the world to inform them about the beauty for body and mind of Tai Chi Chuan.’


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