Portrait Resi Messelink

Resi Messelink has been a Tai Chi teacher for over 22 years. She is also a managing nurse.

‘Health and wellness have always been an important source of inspiration for me. Therefore Tai Chi Chuan is a marvellous guide.“ It is moving with relaxation. That is what it is all about in Tai Chi;

Being aware in the here and now. Being aware of the yin & yang, of all dimensions.
To let go, being empty, relax. And all that in motion according to a fixed pattern.’

Resi gives her guidance from a Taoist point of view. Doing by not doing. Tai Chi is the art of not performing.

In her courses and workshops she works with the short form in the Yang style according the Chinese Cheng Man Ching. Qigong exercises are also an important part of her classes.

The source
The Tai Chi experience:  Tai Chi Chuan offers the possibility to a ascension of our awareness because our energy gets the space it needs: the so called fifth dimension. In this dimension you find the polarity that is at the same time everywhere. Beyond the differences are the similarities the starting point. The connection with all there is. Uni ting with the source.


Resi has a lot of experience in teaching. She has done this for companies, Radboud University and other institutions in Nijmegen and surroundings. She teaches in group’s adults, seniors, people with limitations, students and employees, mentors and academic personnel.
She also teaches Tai Chi teachers in refresher courses.

Resi is also specialised in Individual guidance.


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