Portrait Rob van Ham

Rob van Ham is head instructor of Cheng Hsin Nijmegen. Cheng Hsin Nijmegen is an international training center offering classes and workshops in Cheng Hsin Body Being, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, the Art of Effortless Power, Boxing, San Shou, Sword, Zen Consciousness and Contemplation, and Traditional Archery.

Cheng Hsin was created by world class martial artist and zen master Peter Ralston as a unique blend of internal martial arts, self inquiry and contemplation offering an opening for transformation, personal growth and consciousness. In Cheng Hsin our aim is to uncover an authentic direct experience of body and mind, self and relationship. Cheng Hsin, the Art of Effortless Power is an internal martial art that is not based on resistance, reactivity or brute force, but instead on acceptance, sensitivity and connectivity.

Rob van Ham started his study of Cheng Hsin in the early nineties and followed numerous camps, workshops and seminars with Peter Ralston. He is one of few certified Cheng Hsin teachers worldwide and also works as a trainer and coach for professionals in business and sports with his experience in effective communication, interaction, movement and power.


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