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Rob van Ham


For Rudy energy and movement are key concepts. It is the core of everything. Training people is totally ‘his thing’. Through his experience for years with the guidance of the staff, but also the young deranged clients, within the department of justice, he has a deep knowledge and understanding – both physically and mentally – of the practice of the Internal Martial Arts. This practice has as a basic principle that softness always beats and is stronger than harshness or being ‘tough’.

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Rudy van Cuyk

You practice what you teach: balance, tranquillity, relaxation and finding the trust, the faith in yourself. When people under your guidance individually or as a group change, you yourself change too. That internal process is exactly what practising the internal arts of movement wants to realize or to ensure at the student but also at the teacher. It is a constant flowing process, just as the Tai Chi symbol of Yin and Yang. It can reduce stress or teach you to handle conflicts effectively.

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