Portrait of Yolanda de Jager

Yolanda de Jager is a CRKBO certified teacher. This means that she has qualified for all the requirements for short professional education in the Netherlands.
She is a student / pupil of Johan Cornelissen in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He was a student / pupil of Henny van der Heijden. Yolanda practices Tai Chi Chuan in the Yang style.

‘In 1994 I just started with an hour Tai Chi per week. My teacher is Johan Cornelissen. Very quickly I felt ‘the click’ between Tai Chi and me. It became my weekly sanctuary, it reinforces my self-feeling. And at the same I was moving my body.

‘I cannot prove it because unfortunately I cannot live parallel lives for comparison but I am feeling that Tai Chi has helped me taking difficult decisions and enduring difficult times. That is why I find the statement of the Dutch Sinologist and Taoist master K. Schippers so appropriate: “Tai Chi is a martial art for the defense of the inner world….”

After 10 years my teacher told me that I could start to teach Tai Chi myself ! To get deeper into Tai Chi and to learn from my students. And that happens still every day: I learn from my students. Tai Chi is something you can go on learning forever, your whole life. I still take lessons from my teacher but I also like to visit my colleague and fellow teacher Judith van Drooge. I am also busy with the difficult but oh so beautiful old style Yang at previously Thierry Alibert and now Jos Horst.
I also visited, studied and experienced the teaching of Wee Kee Yin and William C.C. Chen.

But for now I focus on the short form of Cheng Man Ching, as it is taught by my teacher.

They say that this is the way Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo taught it, a student of Cheng Man Ching.

In 2005 I started teaching. I did not expect it but it happened anyway. I really started to like the teaching, the transferring of Tai Chi very much. In 2006 I started my own school, Tai Chi Arnhem.

In 2007 I bought my own studio for giving my classes. And I am still very happy with that.

For me the martial aspect of Tai Chi is very important. Originally Tai Chi was in the form a series of acts of fighting, of combat with an imaginary opponent or enemy.

I believe stress is often an opponent as a consequence of a very demanding society. Looking at it this way, Tai Chi is a very adequate tool and pleasant way to achieve relaxation. I like to contribute to ‘the warrior’ in people. For me a warrior is someone who knows how to be, live and survive in the present society.

I mainly contribute to the pleasure of people in the art of Tai Chi, in the movements, in the moving.
I contribute to the pleasure of being and moving together. My point of view is practical; you learn Tai Chi by doing Tai Chi.

Next to being a Tai Chi teacher, I am a trainer, specialized in health, stress management, vitality and bodywork. That is experiencing and learning via your body. I am also an independent advisor and project leader in the field of sustainable energy and mobility. You can really say that energy is the connecting factor in my life.

This is the short form of Cheng Man Ching – named after the Chinese teacher who created this form. It is also the person who introduced Tai Chi in the West. This short Form exists of 37 elements and is based on the Yang style.

This is the hand form and created as a martial art. Nowadays people use the Form also for health purposes. Target groups for this video are All Levels.


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